Virtual Insanity

I took a chance to jump way outside of my technology comfort zone this weekend by spending my Saturday at the LA Virtual Reality show (VRLA). I was working for Samy’s Camera in conjunction with Ricoh to demonstrate and sell the Theta 360° camera. While selling cameras is well within my area of expertise, I’m a complete novice when it comes to video, virtual reality, video games, and things of the sort.

Within an hour of demonstrating the Theta camera I caught on to what is cool about it. It only took watching a couple 360° video clips through a Samsung Gear VR headset and I understood the appeal of Virtual Reality all-around photos and video. I eventually got so on board that I put the Theta on a pole and took it for a walk around the showroom floor. The quality isn’t great, so I took the same walk shooting video on my Canon. Believe it or not, it’s the first time I’ve shot any video on my DSLRs …Ever! 

I didn’t get to sample any of the products on display at the show because I was working the whole time, but I can’t say I can see much value in the VR technology available. I don’t know that it actually solves a problem, I think it only provides entertainment. So far anyway. I fear a future of young people unable to communicate in person, unable to separate fantasy from reality and without the drive to have actual engaging experiences in real life. I dislike that “in real life” is something.

Then again, I was skeptical about digital photography, about video in SLR cameras… but eventually I come around.

 (Photographer: Rebecca Joyce)

Ricoh product manager, TK, demonstrates the Theta 360 camera to a VRLA visitor.


 (Photographer: Rebecca Joyce)

visitors to VRLA sample new products and technology from vendors, such as Reload

My first 5D video:

The Theta 360° video is also on YouTube, I won’t embed it because it doesn’t look right outside of YouTube. The 360° view capabilities are available on the Chrome browser as well as the YouTube mobile app. If you have a VR viewer such as Cardboard or Samsung Gear, I suppose it can be viewed that way, too. Click here for the video.

30 Days and 30 Nights of Photography | Fathom Gallery

One of two galleries featuring my work during April is Fathom Gallery, newly relocated to the California Market Center in the downtown garment district. For the Month Of Photography ( they’re going BIG with a group show featuring 30 photographers. Each photographer will have a reception during which we get to display several pieces, all of which are for sale. I am featuring some architecture images as well as a selection from the project, Static.

My reception and solo show will be on Tuesday April 28th, and is open to everyone who wishes to attend. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my work.

The entire show runs through April 30th. Please come to my reception on the 28th from 4-8pm
110 East 9th Street (Inside the California Market Center, first floor). Los Angeles.

Colorado Street Bridge. Currently on view at Fathom Gallery

Colorado Street Bridge. Currently on view at Fathom Gallery

The Perfect Exposure Gallery | Instagramland LA

During the month of April, I’m fortunate to have two opportunities to share my work. The first of which is the group show Instagramland LA at The Perfect Exposure Gallery in the awesome neighbourhood of Koreatown.
I am very thankful to gallery owner Armando Arorizo and curator Michael Cannon for the invitation to participate in this great show.
The goal of this exhibit is to showcase serious photographers who use Instagram to share their work, and to bring forth some diverse and quality work to be found among the banal nature of social media.

I have four prints hanging in the gallery. They will be on view through April 30th.

Please stop by and see some really great work by some 19 local photographers.
3519 West 6th Street. Los Angeles.

Western Avenue. Selection from Static. Currently on view at The Perfect Exposure Gallery

Western Avenue. Selection from Static. Currently on view at The Perfect Exposure Gallery

Steph & Michele

I’m always honoured when asked by friends to photograph their wedding or any special event. Steph and Michele’s Valentine’s Day wedding happened to have coincided with their anniversary (13th, I think), so it was doubly special. I’ve known them for almost a decade, and know that their wedding was much anticipated by their friends and family, many of which flew in from around the world.

In addition to the wedding day itself, my favourite part of the wedding is delivering a selection of prints and seeing their reaction. For Steph and Michele, I had a wooden box from engraved with their names and date and matching USB drive. They loved the delivery. Their smiles while going through their prints is priceless… and these clients, like many, didn’t want prints. They’d only requested the files. But the old school photographer in me knows better. In this day and age, I think people don’t realize the value of prints until they’re holding the paper in their hands, it’s our job as photographers to remind them of this.

Congratulations to Steph and Michele!

Steph + Michele's Valentine's Day Wedding

Steph + Michele’s Valentine’s Day Wedding